Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Steeper Silver Price Channel?

Gold broke its most recent short uptrend line 3 weeks ago while silver did not. This can be seen on this 6 month silver price chart:

Here it again can be seen on this 2 year silver price chart.

Silver, since the beginning of the bull market has moved up more powerfully than gold has, about twice the move gold has made. It should not surprise people if the silver price has started a new more upward sloping trendline and channel.

Gold and silver are your protection from the USD and all other government fiat because they are money itself. The Saturday, November 25 edition of the Financial Times:

Here is a 6 month daily bar chart of the USD as of the end of Friday:

A series 1957 A, One US dollar bill says this:
"This certifies that there is on deposit in the treasury of The United States of America One Dollar [a weight]". "One Dollar [a weight] in silver payable to the bearer on demand". This was not all that long ago. Now a days, all a US dollar can be "redeemed" for is another piece of US paper dollar. What is wrong with this picture?

For all practical purposes, the US Treasury has no silver left and who knows how much gold it actually has since the US Treasury's gold has not been audited since the 1950s.

Gold can explode to the upside due to the impossibility of the major central banks to suppress the price of gold for a much longer period of time, and that is without the USD going down, which has recently happened during gold's last significant run up. One of Europe's biggest banks 'Credit Agricole' early this year endorsed this concept.
The US dollar taking a dive just adds powerful fuel to the gold price and silver price rockets.

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