Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Silver Price Charts

Below are 3 silver price charts as of the end of February.

(Click on charts to enlarge)

A 9 year chart:

Silver made it up and out of the bull market's overall channel. Silver is soooooooooooo cheap, even now, expect surprises on the upside.

A 2 year chart:

This chart just shows silver breaking out of its 2nd triangular flag pattern. You should be able to visualize the flag in this chart, the #2 flag in the 9 year chart above. After a while, you're eye will draw in straight trend lines, too.

A 6 month chart:

Silver put in 9 updays in a row at the end of February. 4+ up days in a row is an end of trend signal. So, many times, this would be one of those signals; end of a significant up trend. Do not count on it this time. There is not much happening to confirm this possible signal. This could very well be just another insignificant high in the continuing higher highs and higher lows of a normal bull market. Particularly since the US dollar is down into new low uncharted territory.

Do not be surprised if this reaction does not last long. Silver has been repressed for waaaaaaaaay to long.

After a 7 year long bull market in atoms, stuff, natural resources, gold and silver, "professional" "money" managers are ** just starting ** to wake up to the fact that maybe the long bull market in shares (that started at the beginning of the '80s) is over, that US dollar denominated financial instruments, especially debt (notes and bonds) are heading down hill; those that do not have anything to do with atoms, stuff, natural resources, gold and silver. Guess what areas/markets they are going to try, in a panicy manner, to switch funds under their control to.

Smooth sailing for the "professional" "money" managers that were going with the flow, are 7 years late, did not know anything about Austrian economics, is over. They are now probably experiencing "fear and loathing" (thank you Hunter S. Thompson) at what they do not understand: Austrian economics, or at what they do understand: Keynesian economics that has let them down because it is false.

Anyways, the silver price charts are looking as bullish as ever, as since about 2001.

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