Monday, May 19, 2008

Inflation Adjusted Silver Price Charts

Jason Hommel's programmer, Shelby Moore, has produced two USD ** price ** (not supply, which would be M3) inflation adjusted silver price charts. One using the US goverment's rigged bogus estimates of price increases since 1975, and the other using realistic's use of government statistics
estimates of price increases since 1975.

For those new to silver and not up to speed on silver basics, here is a silver review from December of 2007.

Here is a review of silver versus gold.

Most people in the world are not aware of the fundamental silver story. When just a tiny percentage of people catch on, the silver price will be a sight to behold. You can bet on it because of all the USD that has been created since 1975. There were about maybe $1.1-1.2 trillion of them then. Look at how many there are now. Most are still outside the US and in financial instruments. Wait till they start heading back to the US and start coming out of financial instruments looking for a home in real stuff, or atoms related financial instruments, like silver stocks.

Silver is still the Rodney (I can't get no respect) Dangerfield of metals.

Buy! Buy!

 founder John Williams on M3 Money Supply:

It's going to be the .. probably the worst business cycle seen since the great depression
I believe that it will evolve into a depression.

What Mr. Bernanke is assuring us ... a hyperinflationary great depression ..."

A fun graphic:

However you want to adjust today's USD silver price for reality, it's a screaming steal. "Just this side of stealing.". Money, currencies and tokens are:

1.) Mediums of exchange
2.) Stores of value
3.) Units of account/measure

Radically increasing the supply of USD has radically distorted the USD's unit of account (measure of value) ability, thus silver's really low USD price. And it's not just silver's price that has been distorted. People need a unit of measure that stays constant over time. If it does not, future financial, business, economic calculations get distorted. Well, distorted, big time, they have become, thus big time re-adjustments still to be made, as in another Great Depression in the US.

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