Tuesday, July 12, 2005

US Dollar

Today the US dollar broke down through its 10 week long uptrend line while at the same time completing a 4 or more down days in a row end of upward trend signal. Good for gold and silver holders.

US Treasury notes and bonds may have completed double tops.
A 6 month chart of the 10 year US Treasury note
A 6 month chart of the 30 year US Treasury bond

The note broke down through a 3 year up trend line. Then a couple of months ago broke up through a year and a half down trend line. I find that odd considering the trashy fundamentals of the USD. Strange. Still this possible recent double top may indicate that the note is going back down through that down trend line, particularly if the US dollar is topping here. We'll see.
A nine year chart of the 10 year US Treasury note

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