Monday, September 26, 2005

Silver's Price Gap

Silver last week on Monday of that week gapped up in price from the prices on Friday of the week before. Monday of last week was also 4 up days in a row. So the odds of prices going back down to fill that gap were good. That gap was filled Friday of last week. Good. Another job silver got done.

Today, Monday, silver traded intra day below Friday's prices and intra day above Friday's prices. Additionally silver closed above Friday's close. That is a bullish outside day. Very nice to see in addition to the gap getting closed.

Today's outside day for silver can be seen on this daily bar chart

"I love the poor. It's cheaper to buy 'em. And, they're grateful." - a certain covert operative [if there were no poor in the world there would be no governments or governments would be tiny in size and power]

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