Thursday, November 10, 2005

Silver News

Ok, some tidbits from LeMetropole's Cafe:


Something extraordinary IS GOING ON with silver. The open interest rose to a multi-decade high at 143,966 contracts, up another 2833. The OI dichotomy between silver and gold becomes more pronounced on a daily basis. Same MIDAS analysis. Some mega players are loading up on futures positions before they go after the physical silver market. Stand by for some serious upside silver fireworks in the weeks ahead … like a $1 move up in a single trading session."

My local gold & silver dealer, _which is the biggest wholesaler in town_, has just called to beg me to lent him 200 kilos of silver, because PeƱoles is way behind in his regular deliveries and the local market here in Guadalajara is undergoing a shortage of silver.
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