Friday, April 14, 2006

US Trade Deficit

Pure communism wanted, central command of prices:

In this article Caroline Baum (a columnist for Bloomberg) reveals communist ideology by stating

"If the long rate really influences the economy, encouraging corporations to invest and consumers to finance home purchases, why not put that rate where the Federal Reserve wants it rather than leave it to the whims of the market?"

The strangest thing is that the USSR imploded on itself without getting involved in some huge war and almost nobody was astounded or asked how could that have happened. Especially in the US. Most in the US simply thought "Oh, isn't that nice." and went on about their day.

No wonder the US is going down the tubes.

Now to the US's trade deficit:

The US trade deficit number came out the other day and the US financial media tried to spin the number as good merely because the number was less than the previous month's number. That's all there is to it? It's that simple? We don't have to worry about the trade deficite anymore? The same thing happened to the March, 2003 number.
And January of 2002 was less than January of 2001.

First, look at the trends in place:

Jan. - Dec. - 357,819, January - 33,736, February - 27,865, March - 31,840
Jan. - Dec. - 418,038, January - 28,299, February - 31,049, March - 30,704
Jan. - Dec. - 494,814, January - 41,218, February - 40,073, March - 43,543
Jan. - Dec. - 617,583, January - 46,053, February - 45,834, March - 46,966
Jan. - Dec. - 723,616, January - 58,267, February - 60,114, March - 53,745

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