Sunday, August 03, 2008

Zimbabwe Knocks Off 10 Zeroes From Z Dollar

Zimbabwe knocks 10 zeros off currency, the Zimbabwe dollar. Their dollar now has a single 1 on it.
Only last week, the government introduced the Z$100bn note.

... good video of an industrial center that is now a ghost town, of the reporter buying food in a supermarket with many empty shelves in Zimbabwe.


Meanwhile in the US:

The government raised it's debt **limit**. It increased by $US 1,650 Billion since September 27, 2007. That's in just 10 months. How long did it take the US government to make in increase like this one? Try just under two CENTURIES (1787 - 1984). Don't think straight trend lines. Think compound curves.

Remember, a USD cannot be created without a USD's worth of debt being created at the same time. The thing is with the nature of the USD system and just about the rest of the world is that the dollars to pay the interest on the new debt/dollars created, have yet to be created, thus the compound curve, pressure to create more debt/dollars so interest in the future can be paid, and the ultimate destruction of the system.

The US, Zimbabwe, where ever debt/fiat tokens get out of hand, gold and silver are savings protection.

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