Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dependable Gold

For those who understand government confiscation of stored value games, and were buying gold and silver at the bottom or before the start of the bull market in gold, they have been rewarded for their patience, particularly when their gold returns are compared with the returns people have been getting in their pensions, real estate, IRAs, 401Ks, and the rest of those complicated "money" traps mired in rules and regulations that the government can change at anytime, anyway it wants, including confiscation. Watch out when a government's back is hard pressed against the wall.

Numbers are based on spot future closing prices on the COMEX:

2009 should be an above average year for gold and silver.

Gold has broken above its most downwardly sloping trend line on The Privateer's long term point and figure chart.

Makes sense. The Continous Commodity Index chart shows its index having broken above its down trend line. Government fiat tokens are losing their value 'cause governments are making too many of them. If what governments and their central banks do is no problem, then they should let anybody make US dollars, Yen, etc., as much as anybody wants.
CCI chart thanks to

What to look forward to.

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