Friday, February 06, 2009

Gold, Silver, Money, "Money", Debt and the US Dollar

Gold and silver are money. There is no liability or debt attached to them. Now a days the word "money" has been perverted all the way to referring to something that is directly attached to debt.

This is worth nailing down once and for all:

Paul Grignon's 47-minute animated presentation of "Money as Debt" tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created.

Money As Debt (1 of 5)

The other 4 parts are at the links to the right at:
Money As Debt (1 of 5)


The Inevitable Collapse of the Dollar:
Peter Schiff and Steven Roach interviewed.


Nothing like having real gold and silver money in your grubby little hands rather than that fantasy stuff in general use at the moment.

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