Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HUI - AMEX Gold Bugs Index

The HUI is the American Stock Exchange's Gold Bugs Index (of gold and silver stocks). Symbol: HUI.

It has been up about 900% since the beginning of the gold and silver bull markets:

More recently it is up well over 100% from the recent bottom:

That is in just the last 7 months.

What market in the world was up about 900% since 2000/2001?
What market in the world was up well over 100% in the last 7 months?

Gold and silver and the market leading shares have been doing their job since 2000/2001 protecting those that know Keynesian economics is a scam, those that know Austrian economics is how the world really works, and those that studied the really valuable history that is not taught in government schools nor in almost all private colleges/universities. These colleges/universities would lose their government financial assistance of many varied sorts if they taught reality or how the world really works.

The current puppet is no different than the last puppet:

Still the Anglo Saxon world is comatose about gold and silver. Can you imagine what these markets will be like when the gold rush starts? When the Anglo Saxon world is rudely interrupted from their complacency and panics into gold and silver from raw fear, when they realize that there has been no change of the trends in place, and that the situation is just being made even worse, and that a huge transfer of wealth and stored value has been taking place?

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