Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bullish Gold Chart

The gold chart is looking quite bullish right now:

Gold broke up out of a bullish downward sloping triangle. Bull markets make higher highs and higher lows. Then it gapped up in price and then prices came back down till the gap got closed. A finished job which happened to end in a bullish outside reversal day. Then it was up from there.

Additionally, a bullish upside down head and shoulders pattern developed.

Gold broke above the neckline.

This gold chart is shooting for new all time highs in the near future.

Updated Unemployment Rate By County in the US As Of December, 2009 (If you normally keep Javascript turned off for security reasons, it needs to be turned on to actualize the chart.) This chart uses the conservative phony government numbers which are about 1/2 of the real unemployment rate.

Ron Paul says he has been buying gold since 1971 and that a currency crisis is coming, that debt is the monster; has to be liquidated.

New non-destructive technology for detecting tungsten filled gold and silver bars

"Gold Hits Record Highs In Pound, Euro Terms" -

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