Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Dow and Other Items

Chart of the Dow

The Dow made a 2-b end of *upward* trend signal and at the same time an overlapping 5 down days in a row end of *upward* trend signal which was completed today. The 2-b was completed a little earlier.

A precious metal stock completed 6 down days in a row (end of downward trend signal) with its price almost touching a 1.) two year uptrend line and 2.) the bottom of its downward channel that intersects the uptrend line. Three bullish items converging almost at the same point on the chart. Amazing, what these records of human behavior do sometimes.

The dollar made it up to just below one of those percent reversal levels with one more level above to go, just above that one. The dollar may not make that higher one. Gold and silver's intra day patterns looked good.

10 and 30 year US government debt have been toppy for some months now. In other words it looks like increasing interest rates from here.

Not sure, but yesterday January 4, may turn out to be of significance. I don't know just what the exact nature of the significance is. Time should tell the nature of the significance if this is to be the case.

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