Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Big Job For Gold

Gold has a really big job ahead of itself to play catch up with the M3 supply.

Notice M3's compound curve heading up:

Compared to M3, gold is just starting to play catch up:

The problem is the awful aspects of the economic and financial scene that go along with a particularly high gold price. The steepness of the rise in the gold price should be disturbing.

"An impending sense of doom takes all the fun out of decadent living". - ?, and the fun out of making the big percentage gains in the gold and silver scenes.

"In many ways, as will appear, the folly of the lender has exceeded the extravagance of the borrower." - A BUBBLE THAT BROKE THE WORLD, Garet Garrett http://www.mises.org/books/bubbleworld.pdf

Gold has now made it over:

USD $5,000 gold? Higher?

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