Thursday, January 24, 2008

HUI Gold and Silver Stock Index

The AMEX exchange's HUI index; the Gold Bug's Index of gold and silver stocks:

The components (stocks) that make up the index:

About 800% in 7 years. Not bad. It's strange how the financial media will not talk about the HUI gold and silver stock index. Of course, one of these days they will be talking about it.

"NEWS is what someone wants to suppress. Everything else is advertising."
Reuven Frank - Former head of NBC News

A No Brainer:
Buy equal dollar/yen/yuan/peso/etc amounts of each of the 25 components of the HUI, and you will beat about 85% of "money" managers, "professionals", that attempt to do better than the index. This is because most "money" managers are not professionals. Professionals are those that are heavy into the work that they do, thus are really good at what they do. The over whelming majority in any line of work are not professionals, are into taking the path of least resistance. Their performance when measured against an index(s) shows this. Only about 5-10% of people are really good/excell at what they do.

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