Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The US Dollar and Gold

There have been a huge amount of US dollar denominated loans called in throughout the world, thus the rally in the USD.

It looks like the rally could be over since a head and shoulder topping pattern is developing in the USD.

M3 is about 14 trillion dollars. The US federal government and its central bank, The Fed, have already loaned, gauranteed, made promises of about 8 trillion dollars over just a matter of months with probably a lot more to come.

Do not be surprised if the US Treasury at some point can no longer borrow from the rest of the world, and The Fed breaks.

While this is excellent for the USD price of gold, it is ugly for the future of and life inside the US. Most Americans do not realize what is about to hit them.

While the boyz have a new puppet in the White House, not much has changed. They are still doing more of what caused the problem; creating more digital bit dollars and dollars worth of debt.

To see what life is like when governments and gangster banksters screw up the "money" supply royally, read about real life in Argentina after "1:1" (2001)

Argentina after 2001 - 1
Argentina after 2001 - 2
Argentina after 2001 - 3

For most inside the US, there will be no escape.

The wise already have major protection, gold and silver, from what is coming.

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