Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cavuto Ready For The Word "Gold"

If you watch closely, Neil Cavuto is waiting and ready for the word "gold" if Ron Paul mentions it in this interview on Fox TV. Not a good thing for the media to be turning citizen units onto a good thing **outside** the financial system.

Almost Armageddon: Markets Were 500 Trades From Meltdown

NY Post
Sunday, Sept 21, 2008

The market was 500 trades away from Armageddon on Thursday, traders inside two large custodial banks tell The Post.

According to traders, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, money market funds were inundated with $500 billion in sell orders prior to the opening. The total money-market capitalization was roughly $4 trillion that morning.

The panicked selling was directly linked to the seizing up of the credit markets - including a $52 billion constriction in commercial paper - and the rumors of additional money market funds “breaking the buck,” or dropping below $1 net asset value.

The Fed’s dramatic $105 billion liquidity injection on Thursday (pre-market) was just enough to keep key institutional accounts from following through on the sell orders and starting a stampede of cash that could have brought large tracts of the US economy to a halt.

Full article here

Ron Paul on the Global Financial Crisis:

The primary problem is a central bank, the Fed.

Keiser: US dollar "backed by bananas"

"We have a treasury secretary in America - Hank Paulson. I'm afraid he's gone insane. He's become like the Colonel Kurtz of Treasury Secretaries. He's gone native. He's co-opted trillions of dollars of American taxpayers' money and he's playing hedge fund like a rogue trader. We have got a rogue trader in the Treasury Secretary's office. He's being aided and abetted by Ben Bernanke who's been discredited as the entire Federal Reserve Bank has been utterly discredited. We're looking at a possible inflationary depression in America and the worse is yet to come, much worse is yet to come."

"Unfortunately the fear at this point is that is that the laws have been changed. Hank Paulson has done a power grab. When George Bush came into office he did a power grab. When 9-11 happened they did another power grab. They have dictatorial powers now. So now you've got this lunatic, Hank Paulson with a multi-trillion dollar hedge fund who's basically running the economy like a rogue trader."

China paper urges new currency order after "financial tsunami"

BEIJING (Reuters) - Threatened by a "financial tsunami," the world must consider building a financial order no longer dependent on the United States, a leading Chinese state newspaper said on Wednesday.

The commentary in the overseas edition of the People's Daily said the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc (LEH.P: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) "may augur an even larger impending global 'financial tsunami'."

We're in deep dodo, right?


When the rule of law and markets are breaking down, gold and silver (the metals themselves, outside the digital system) are major protection of stored value.

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