Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gold And Silver Coin Minting

Casa de Moneda de Mexico, in business since 1535.

Jim Sinclair today: "There is no hope for the future as long as we have to listen to what we have experienced in the last two days. If the Fed pays �Hold to Maturity� prices in the bailout they are accepting onto their balance sheet all the lies that existed and still exists on and off the balance sheets of the banking and investment industry.

Fabrication has taken the US financial system over the cliff. The bailout of the near and dear fabricated to a spiritual level sets in cement the generational nature of this breakdown, the coming dollar collapse, and the reign of gold.

To categorize this bailout of OTC derivative manufacturers as an asset purchase is so wrong it strains the limits of criminality.


If the Fed pays "Hold to Maturity" prices for collapsed OTC derivatives that will never recover, that would represent an outrageous premium to their true value.

If the Fed pays what the collapsed OTC derivatives are presently worth, they could do the entire bailout for one Rupee.

You know what is about to happen. God help us all!"


Casa de Moneda de Mexico, still minting gold and silver coins with no nominal value numbers on them; just weight, date, and purity numbers.

Ready for the new gold and silver monetary world.

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Anonymous said...

Heya, I just read that an average salary in 1900 could have been about 40 dollars a month, or two ounces of gold. That's pretty much what I made during the summer, almost 1400 euros a month, which buys me little over two ounces. So the way I see it, gold has retained its value and is not a huge bargain really, but reasonably priced. How can one expect a huge increase in price then? Just a wishful spike because everyone is crapping their pants with peak oil and a failing monetary system? The only real difference between 1900 and today is the population and industrial use of gold.