Tuesday, September 09, 2008

US Dollar

The US dollar is now up 8 days in a row, an end of upward trend signal. This is bullish for gold and silver. Governments / central banks are probably going all out intervening in the financial markets, but there is only so much they can do. They do not have unlimited amounts of foreign fiat in their reserves, and gold and silver to sell.

There was a failed 2b end of upward trend signal the middle of August. Let's see if this second signal works. The dollar is up a lot when its fundamentals just got a lot worse. This sure is a whackey picture.

"Be right. Sit tight." - Jessie Livermore

Because of the nature of the banking system since 1971, the "money" pumps will break. Those without gold and silver, actual money, safe stores of value, will be in a terrible situation. In the US, it is already hard to find actual silver metal to buy dispite the low futures prices.

From Jim Willie's latest:
Achilles Heel, Shock Wave, Transformation
In any newly established vacuum could quickly come new gold-backed currencies. Two are already planned, whose launch date is uncertain but clearly tied to the upcoming plan.

US move triggers CDS default

"One of the largest defaults in the history of the $62,000bn credit derivatives market has been triggered by the US government’s seizure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, raising questions about how dealers will unwind billions of dollars worth of contracts.

Although the $1,600bn of debt issued by the troubled mortgage groups is regarded as safe after the US government’s move to take control of the companies, their move into “conservatorship” counts as the equivalent of a bankruptcy in the credit derivatives market."

The US dollar is up for what reason? Gold and silver are down for what reasons? It's all very strange. The world is due for some big change(s). Maybe not as big as the probable Singularity a few decades from now, but still big. And, gold and silver will be a big part of these coming changes. The scarcity of actual silver metal in the US means that there are people getting hip to the change ahead.


Unknown said...

The singularity won't happen for the same reason that the price of fiat money continues to fall and are all ultimately worthless.

Exponential systems always hit a real physical limit at some point. With information technology it will probably be power supply. Unless we somehow make fusion work or roll out fast breeder reactors everywhere.

kelly said...

I think you're missing a critical market action here: the big financial boys (and anyone stuck in the derivatives tar-baby) are scrambling for capital. That will drive the dollar up for some time.
Probably the gold action is independent of that and heavily manipulated by the big three's recent jerk-off of the paper gold market.

Unknown said...

What role will gold and/or any other kind of money have, following a technological singularity?