Friday, April 04, 2008

Gold and the Federal Reserve

Gold and silver are at odds with the Federal Reserve. The Ludwig von Mises Institute explains the nature of banking in the video:

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

It is not a short down load, but if you get through it, you will understand just
** how ** the Fed and US Treasury will steal huge amounts, trillions of dollars worth, of value stored in USD and many USD denominated financial instruments.

For an idea of the ** amounts ** of value to be stolen:

Bear with Me
The mother of all government bailouts.

IMF: Worst Financial Crisis to Hit the US Since the Great Depression

The Nature of the US Financial Crisis

Paulson's 'Civic Robbery' To Finance Hyper-Inflation

Investment firms tap Fed for billions
Wall Street banks take advantage of Fed's emergency loan program, borrowing an average of $38.1 billion a day last week.

Money, currencies and tokens are:
1. Mediums of exchange
2. Units of measure/account
3. Stores of value

(Money, currencies and tokens also have differences which is another story.)

The Fed's and the US Treasury's main object is theft of stored value, in this case socialism for the rich. But, this will cause the USD to be used less and less as a medium of exchange, and will make it a worse and worse unit of measure for future personal and business economic and financial calculations.

Gold and silver are some of the best defenses against the plans that the Federal Reserve and US Treasury have for holders of USD. Gold and silver are good protectors against other fiat tokens also since there will be competitives devaluations going on amongst governments.

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