Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gold Tidbits

Some miscellaneous gold related tidbits while we are waiting for gold to punch up through USD 1,000.

Maybe "they" are worried about bank runs

Tidbit from The Privateer:

"What Are "They" So Worried About?:

Here "they" are again! The Privateer has reported on this one before, and now the issue has revived. In Australia's splendid capital city of Canberra, the proposal that the government should "guarantee" up to $A 20,000 of each bank account has revived. Clearly, if this happens it will be done to try to reassure the general public that their deposits in the banks and the financial system are "safe"."


Pictures can be worth thousands of words. Open in new tabs for larger views.

This is the Dow with a gold price instead of a dollar, yen, gallon of milk, or carton of cigaretts price.


Some interesting fun reads:

Happy Bread
"There are some very, very evil f*ckers manipulating both the supply of the essentials of Life and the money used to pay for that supply."

Survivalism Goes Mainstream As Middle Class And Wealthy Fear Breakdown Of Society

Just some of the tidbits related to gold. Money affects sooooooooooo many aspects of life, which is why governments should not have any control over it at all. In the US, the Fed is illegal due to the constitution but nobody there cares, so their party is over, despite most not knowing it, yet.

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