Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Plata and Mexico

In Spanish, and by extension Mexico, plata means both money and silver. Mexico may value silver more than people in other locations in the Western hemisphere.


Hugo Salinas Price has been trying for years to "monetize" the Libertad silver ounce. It seems the movement is not going away anytime soon. Makes sense considering the state of the world's financial system particularly since the Bretton Woods agreement in the state of New Hampshire in the US in 1971 when the US reneged, broke its promise to redeem USD, the world's reserve currency, in a specific weight of gold.

Here is a list of articles that he has written: Hugo's articles



A new service for silver savers in Mexico.

Hugo Salinas Price
Banco Azteca, which has about 1,000 branches throughout Mexico, is about to launch a new service for those who like to save silver. It is the first bank in Mexico to offer this service; other banks are expected to follow suit, sooner or later. The new service is called “Silver in the Vault”. This service will provide savers with a safe place to store their one ounce silver “Libertad” coins, which Banco Azteca has been selling for some time now... more>>

There is some history of the effort in this one:


The silver bridge

Hugo Salinas Price
The monetization of the silver ounce, by means of the bridge which we have designed – a nominal value which cannot be reduced, but which can be readjusted upward – is a return to simplicity and to reality in the economic field. Its simplicity guarantees that the silver ounces will be in circulation and serving human beings for centuries after the collapse of fictitious money and even after the disappearance of the Central Banks of the world... more>>


Hugo's recent piece at Le Metropole Cafe:


The financiers and the monetary system are intoxicated. Their intoxication (with bad money) began on Aug 16, 1971, when everybody decided to go on as they had been doing up to Aug. 15, 1971; then things started real quick to get out of hand.

Now we are ALL trapped. Because if the intoxication is identified, the whole world's economy collapses. And if it is not identified, then we are headed for a world collapse anyway.

What was the intoxication?

Well, the dollar on August 14th 1971 was a means of payment and a means of exchange.

On Aug. 16th 1971, the dollar was NO LONGER A MEANS OF PAYMENT, only a means of exchange.

But, no one noticed the vast importance of the difference! Or did not want to notice.

As Dr. Von Braun says, the dollar (and the euro, yen, pound and every other currency in the world) is NOT A MEANS OF SETTLEMENT, and there has been NO SETTLEMENT SINCE 1971. For the simple reason that the dollar, irredeemable as it is, cannot be a means of payment - only a means of exchange.

A payment is the delivery of some thing in exchange for some thing. A redeemable dollar was a CREDIT INSTRUMENT, because countries believed that the dollar could be redeemed for some thing, namely, gold @ $35 dollars per ounce. Accepting dollars was therefore a credit given by exporters, to those tendering dollars - mainly the USA; a credit which could be cashed in for SOME THING - gold, as I have said.

Everything changed, when the dollar ceased to be redeemable. It no longer represented a promise to deliver SOME THING. There is therefore, no longer any international settlement of export deficits.

Now, the exporters are burdened with increasingly huge amounts of these dollar digits which promise nothing at all.

The reserves accumulated by foreign central banks and by foreign corporations and individuals, are only useable as "means of exchange". Witness of this fact, that the Sovereign Wealth Funds are trying to get their hands on some thing TANGIBLE, for their dollars. And the US and Europe are worried that the exporting countries will buy them out of house and home, with all the dollars they are holding. So, they are busy setting up obstacles to the return of the toxic dollars.

If dollars were truly PAYMENT, the exporters would not be trying to get rid of them. If they had gold, they would be quite content to sit on their gold reserves. But, dollars are not PAYMENT. You only "collect" payment, when you get rid of them and buy some thing! (And the same applies to the Euro and all other currencies.)

But of course, we won't read about this in the "Financial Times" or in "The Wall Street Journal". The subject is much too sensitive! I repeat, the world is trapped with an intoxicated monetary system and intoxicated finances.

This cannot and will not go on forever - but how it will end?

I don't know how, but I do know it will be very, very nasty.


"Gold still represents the ultimate form of payment in the world...." Alan Greenspan (May, 1999)

Of course plata is final payment also. Plata / gold are not going away anytime soon and will continue as a gangster bankster's worst nightmare.

Plata, Mexico and Hugo Salinas Price are worth keeping an eye on.

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