Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The HUI Is Looking Good

Right now the Amex's HUI index of 30 gold/silver stocks is looking good for buying.

By the end of this week, things can be looking a lot brighter with the HUI and gold and silver. The final shake out of the **week** longs (the traders / speculators, those that do not get fundamentally what is happening) should be finished.

Only some tiny percent of people can go against the crowd. That is one of the reasons so few people will make the huge percentage gains in the gold and silver bull markets, ***or any bull market***. They do not use reason, Aristotelian logic, particularly in the States. Most in the States, and even most of the English speaking world make emotionally based financial decisions. Because of that they are screwed. Don't be one of them. You can in fact defend your self from the intellectual dark ages that the West, the English speaking world, is in, which is called a lack of using reason, using emotion in place of reason.


"Richard Davis is part of BlackRock’s natural resources team in London, which has $48bn in assets under management and runs the Merrill Lynch Gold and General Fund, renamed from today as the BlackRock Gold and General Fund.

Below is a link to a Financial Times question and answer session with Richard. He covers a lot of good points."

Questions and Answers with Richard Davis


This is a great time for buying the components of the HUI (a no brainer), or any other shares that are good but not in the HUI. In financial markets the crowd is always wrong.

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